Cooper & Gorfer

VIDEO INSTALLATION ”The Eternal play” for Fotografiska, New York, Manhattan USA, 2020 -9min
Exhibition FILM by Cooper & Gorfer – BETWEEN THE FOLDED WALLS –

DIRECTOR – Cooper & Gorfer
ANIMATION – Ulf Lundén
ORIGINAL SCORE AND SOUNDdesign – Per-Henrik Mäenpää

The Eternal play from Per-Henrik Maenpaa on Vimeo.

I composed music and created a soundscape.

The film shows the constant dance-like struggle of Shadi (the daughter of Iranian activist who were forced to take political asylum in Sweden in 1979) and a group of 4 dancers from the Gothenburg Dance Company. The women act as Shadi’s avatars, mirroring her psyche, where the movements express the inner struggle we have all experienced within our own mind – a mind that can turn from caring friend, in loving synch with our own movements, to opponent – coaxing, dragging, pushing, fighting us.