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41451, Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Per-Henriks featured work on Swedish Film Database

With a past as soloist in alternative rock and electronic music Per-Henrik today works as a composer and sound designer with film and performing arts. He has so far composed music and sound designed about 60 films shown at the Swedish Television and festivals around the world. Drama/fiktion, documentary, animation and trailers. Some of them have been nomineed and some won prices like Kristallen, The Pulitzerprice, Guldbaggen, IDA Awards, Emmy, Prixeuropa. And also several scores for choreographers like Efva Lilja and Fabio Liberti. In parallel with creating the music, he often also works with sound design/foley/mixing to make music and sound contribute to a strong overall experience. The work is done in his own studio in Gothenburg/Sweden with Protool’s HD and the latest post-production technology. Directors often mention the privilige and advantage to have one person doing both composing and post. Besides the highest possible quality, having fun is also very important!
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Testing my Guitarviola from Per-Henrik Maenpaa on Vimeo. from Per-Henrik Maenpaa on Vimeo.

What happened that night? from Per-Henrik Maenpaa on Vimeo.

Per-Henrik Mäenpää from Per-Henrik Maenpaa on Vimeo.