31-12-2021, Gothenburg

The last day of 2021 has arriwed. And its been a weird one. The pandemic keeps on raging, but i have been blessed with work and having the opportunity to stay isolated, working and healthy.

2021 was also the year when i started painting again! Im renting the space above my studio, where i can go crazy with my colors n stuff. Its a dream come thru. And a absolutely necessary one. I need to escape the world of music and sound every now and then. My plan is to have a exhibition somewhere in 2022.

Looking back this year i was kind of suprised how much i did get done! That is:

  • Efva Lilja – Kärlekens samtal är dans (Music for Contemporary dance)
  • Margrete – Queen of the north (Sound editing for the TV-serie)
  • Cooper & Gorfer – Between these folded walls (Music for a videoinstallation + Music/Soundmix for a Minidoc)
  • Miriam Bryant – P.s Jag hatar dig (Sounddesign/Mix for Cinematic Musicvideo/short feature)
  • Christina Olofson – Call Me Madame Maestro (Sounddesign/Mix for Documentary)
  • Laika film – ARICA (Music for featuredocumentary)
  • Eva Beling – Swedish filmQueer (Sounddesign/mix for featuredocumentary)

Its a wrap! Whishing you a HAPPY/HEALTHY NEW 2022!✨🥂