24.11.2022, Downtown Las Vegas

The Swedish Art Grants Committee gave my own filmproject money to go to Las Vegas and do some shooting.

A film about Tim Greenlee, a 81 year old ex soldier and Vietnam Veteran/Jewelry Artist.

Its my first own film where i as a Composer and Sounddesigner grab the camera to see what happens if i tell a story by layering pictures to my music and sound, instead of the traditional other way. Very exiting…

In this film i want the sound and music to come first together with dialog. Like editing with black frames only. Repetitions… Constant movement and changes. Memories. What is true and not? Its a very interesting way of experimenting by putting picture to sound. Thinking random/backwards. Just like the human brain is constantly processing pictures and sound. Trying to make sense. Repairing, creating, lying and telling the truth.

HERE is a Roughcut.