Dancers / Performers / Jernej Bizjak and Fabio Liberti
Choreographer / Fabio Liberti
Music / Per-Henrik Mäenpää
Premiere / 6 July 2017, Würzburg (Germany)
Duration / approx 15. min

“Don’t, Kiss” is undoubtedly a duet about love and relationship between two people in its most simple and recognizable form. A universal concept, maybe artistically devalued in modern days, but which continues to be the motion of almost everyone’s life.
Two people meet. They see each other. They attract each other. They come together in a lip-to-lip contact, ubiquitously recognized as kiss.

Choreographically the challenge is that the performers will be from beginning to the end of the piece in the constant lip-to-lip contact.
This creates several challenges and limitations to the performers, which will intrigue the audience attention.Through the development of the piece the act of kissing will lose its uttermost poetic meaning.

What initially appears as a kiss and will bring with it its most romantic connotation will be transformed into a mere physical limitation and an obstacle to overcome. Almost a prison. A prison that a person has created for himself. A prison that one may love.