Gothenburg 28-02-2022

Great news! I have launched a new Website for my Abtract Painting.

And right now i am tweaking the final tones and textures for Efva Liljas Performance ”Loves conversation is dance”. The 14/3 i will travel to Stockholm and work with Efva on location for a week until the Premiere at WELD 17/3. Book your tickets HERE. Down below is a video from the studio and the Composingprocess!

Reality is punching body and mind. Ouch, ouch, ouch! My body sings. It makes a god-awful noise, yet enjoyable at times. I vibrate and my feet engage in small, barely visible jumps. Forwards, I move forwards with a body that can be heard and seen in all directions. I dance away everything ugly and envious, my dance is a resistance movement, the poetry of life, the voice of love.