1.5.2020 Gothenburg

Strange days indeed! Im composing in my studio in Gothenburg and the rest of team is working in TEATER SORT/HVID in Copenhagen.
The Performance written and Choreographed by Fabio Liberti is a solopiece with Arina Trostyanetskaya. And will have a Streamed Premiere LIVE the 27/5.

One million selfies are published every day on social media, worldwide. But what seems a purely narcissistic act, also reflects a need for social contact and approval – the need to be liked. The ‘Like’-button provides a momentary satisfaction and at the same time it measures one’s value. But the images we share, often retouched and altered, donot construct our identity, they fragment it.

In #ASIFILOOKEDLIKEME performer, Arina Trostyanetskaya, finds herself having to coexist with the images of herself that she has, knowingly or unknowingly, created.

Her identity continuously transitions between virtual and real, and the intersection, the thin line that separates the two, becomes more and more difficult to identify. What is virtual is perhaps telling us more, than what is real. We have always perceived our ‘self’ through the eyes of the other, but as our virtual persona is becoming a bigger part of our self-perception, things are getting increasingly more complicated. And we are, once again, forced to ask ourselves, all over again; Who am I really?